Is Welfare Scams Really a Problem?

Is Welfare Scams Really a Problem?

The welfare system in the United States, as well as many other developed countries around the world, exists to help those who are unable to work, or are experiencing financial difficulties for reasons beyond their control. Welfare has always been a highly controversial issue, and one of the biggest arguments made by opponents of the welfare system is that it is too easy for people to take advantage of. No matter what you think about the welfare system in general, it’s easy to see why these complaints are being made. The fact is that welfare fraud is an all too common occurrence. Whenever there is easy money to be had, you can expect scammers and scammers to try and exploit the system. It is a constant battle between criminals and the World Government. The real victims of this crime are citizens who pay taxes, as well as people who are in dire need of government assistance. So how did this crime happen, and what can we do to prevent it?

Common Types of Welfare Scams

* Unreported Income: By far the most common form of welfare fraud. Criminals collect welfare checks, and also receive income from other sources that they do not report to the Government. Income may come from working “under the table”, from illegal activities such as drug sales, or a number of other sources.

* Absent Parent In The Home: Another very common form of welfare fraud. This is when an individual applies for welfare as a single parent, when the other parent actually lives at home.

* Uneligible Children or Children: This type of welfare fraud occurs when parents report children who are not in their care, not living at home, or in some cases, even non-existent.

* Fake Aliases: Some people take extreme measures, going as far as creating fake identities to make one or even multiple welfare claims.

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