A survival guide for soldiers and veterans.

A survival guide for soldiers and veterans.

A must have survival guides for soldiers, veterans and their families. Finally, a resource to help you navigate your way through the bureaucratic and cumbersome bureaucratic jungle! Sadly, this guide is not produced by the Veterans Administration, various service departments or Congress. Pay tribute to the American veterans group for working hard to compile such wonderful resources.

Armed Forces Veteran US

How about the US government’s forced retirement and the second battle for disabled soldiers-this time with cumbersome procedures, lack of education, and concealment of welfare information? Of course, the situation has changed from the early 1970s to today.

It happened nearly 40 years ago, so over a period of time, there will definitely be some improvement in the handling of military issues. Although it was important to Charlie, the issue continues to be reported today. An epigenetic widow does not know that the husband of her killed soldier has the right to enjoy the benefits. In today’s Internet adaptation world, what might happen? We began to look for a source to provide soldiers, veterans and their families with the information they need to face various problems. In this research, we found the following shocking results:

I immediately went to the Veterans Administration… No, I didn’t catch it. We even tried each individual military branch… No, we didn’t know it. At that time, we knew that the Congress would not know that the information could be retrieved from the border, so we didn’t even try to do it.

After all, they are scrambling to find funding in the National Mall because it is said to have been removed from the economic stimulus plan this week.

We found a very dense 599-page guide on the “American Veterans” website.

Veterans Transition Survival Guide

Must be owned by any soldier, woman, veteran or widow. It is a guide on how to reduce tedious procedures and bureaucracy. Download your copy now and send it to every service person and family you know. This is the link-


The same website has other self-help guide topics such as Agent Orange, Gulf War issues and VA claims. In addition, they have links to wounded soldiers and other important military websites.

The creation of this survival guide must be such a huge undertaking. Our cap is a veteran for the United States, because of its firm approach to weeding through tedious procedures.

Finally, we would like to thank those who have served, served and will help us to be free. Stay safe, whatever you tie!

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