A soldier of the Jewish Red Army awarded by the Blavatnik Archives Foundation.

The new exhibition in Moscow tells the stories of more than 450,000 Jewish soldiers who fought in the Russian army during World War II.

Forgotten Jewish fighters

American industrialist Len Blavatnik is a loyal supporter of the Jewish cause, especially his country of birth, Russia. Therefore, it is not surprising that he actively participated in the recent exhibition in Moscow dedicated to displaying Jewish soldiers in the Russian army during World War II.

Len Blavatnik spoke at the opening ceremony of the exhibition about the writings and reflections of Jewish soldiers in the Occupy Red Army in Moscow. The exhibition uses letters and other factual materials to tell the story of the Russian Jews who fought against the Nazis during World War II. The Jewish soldiers suffered terrible losses during the war: It is estimated that out of the 450,000 Jewish soldiers in the Russian army, one-third of them are a dozen.

He extended his charity work to tell the story of Jewish soldiers. In an interview, he talked about the Jewish News Agency JTA, and he felt that it was important to tell the story of the Jews who were heroes and victims during the war. It’s important to talk about it, and the family talks about it, because the rest of the soldiers who fought in the war died of old age.

Holocaust and WWII

The exhibition is only one of the many charities supported by Len Blavatnik to promote Jewish causes. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Telavi University (held similar positions at Cambridge University and Harvard University). He is an active board member of the Jewish History Center in New York, which preserves Jewish history and culture and is responsible for educating the public about Jewish history and traditions.

In addition, the billionaire American industrialist Len Blavatnik is passionate about higher education. He donated his time and energy to ensure the progress of studies in some major universities in the world. He currently serves as a director at Cambridge University, Harvard University and Travis University.

In view of this, the latest news from Len Blavatnik should not be surprising. Recently, it was reported that Mr. Blavatnik had donated 75 million pounds to Oxford University in the United Kingdom for the establishment of a new government school. The new Blavatnik School of Government will help future leaders in the UK (and other countries) prepare to provide the powerful and decisive subheads needed in the 21st century.

Many Oxford alumni are in power in the UK. David Cameron recently became the 26th Oxford University graduate and became prime minister. Others include Tony Blair, Margaret Grizzly, and Edward Heath. Many other leaders from all over the world have enrolled in Oxford University and learned their lessons and returned to their home countries. The funds donated by Mr. Blavatnik will be used to build a housing enterprise for the school, pay for 40 academic positions, and hire a dean to run the school.

It is not surprising that Mr. Blavatnik will give generously. As a self-made billionaire, Mr. Blavatnik put a lot of personal wealth in charity. In recent years, the Blavatnik Family Foundation has made many significant contributions to valuable causes. The cultural entities supported by the foundation include the British Museum, Tate Modern, Royal Opera House, National Portrait Gallery, and the Museum of Modern Art. In addition, the Blavatnik Family Foundation has cooperated with the New York Academy of Sciences to create the Blavatnik Prize for young scientists to recognize outstanding young scientists working in various fields.

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